Re: Questions regarding DU-Low and DU-High

Lusheng Ji

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your interest. Please see in-line for responses for two of your questions.


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Greetings fellow engineers,

I started posing some technical questions to some of the active o-ran
developers and I was pointed towards this mailing list.

Q1: Does anyone here know if there's a DU-Low demo available anywhere?
I found a DU-High demo that uses a cu_stub and a mac_stub, didn't find a DU-Low
demo as of yet.

[lji] O-DU LOW performed a demonstration for Bronze Sprint 1. You can find the recording here:

Q2: Is is possible to run DU-Low in a simulated environment?
[lji] This is best answered by the O-DU LOW team.

Q3: Is o-ran at a stage yet where DU-High and DU-Low are integrated with eachother?
I started watching some zoom recordings and as of april I think they were not integrated

[lji] Correct. The O-DU HIGH and LOW integration is targeted to happen at Bronze maintenance release (mid July), for which the two components will communicate with FAPI interface.

Best regards and thank you in advance,

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