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Huang Jinri

Hi Alexandru,

I am copying Zhimin Yuan, the O-DU-LOW PTL. Hopefully she could answer your

As for O-DU-HIGH question, you should turn to Sachin Srivastava, the PTL. I
do not have his mail.



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Alexandru Moise
发送时间: Tuesday, June 23, 2020 12:30 AM
主题: [oran-sc] Questions regarding DU-Low and DU-High

Greetings fellow engineers,

I started posing some technical questions to some of the active o-ran
developers and I was pointed towards this mailing list.

Q1: Does anyone here know if there's a DU-Low demo available anywhere?
I found a DU-High demo that uses a cu_stub and a mac_stub, didn't find a
demo as of yet.

Q2: Is is possible to run DU-Low in a simulated environment?

Q3: Is o-ran at a stage yet where DU-High and DU-Low are integrated with
I started watching some zoom recordings and as of april I think they were
not integrated

Best regards and thank you in advance,

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