Committer changes in RICAPP repo ric-app/qp-driver (IN: Chris Lott, OUT: Tommy Carpenter)


Jack, Tommy, Scott, Guy,

As per updated committer change process [1] I propose the following committer changes in the existing RICAPP component qp-driver (= ric-app/qp-driver). Please vote by simply replying to this e-mail with "approved" or "not-approved" back to main@... and toc@... . O-RAN-SC TOC is copied as FYI for this approval process. If approved, we do the change in INFO.yaml without further ado.

Repository location:
Project: RICAPP

IN: Chris Lott (LF ID = cl778h)
OUT: Tommy Carpenter

Chris is working for AT&T and has been an active committer and contributor for various near-RT RIC and RICAPP components already. Tommy has moved to other activities.

Current committers:  
Jack Lucas
Tommy Carpenter
Scott Daniels
Guy Jacobson
Matti Hiltunen (PTL)


[1] Simplified process for committer changes in a repository of an O-RAN-SC subproject 

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