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Lusheng Ji

Hi Bassam,


Thanks for your interest.  Please see in-line for answers to your questions.


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Subject: [oran-sc] #ricp : O-RAN SMO and Radio plane Setup


In regard of your new release BRONZE, I'm following the step-by-step setup process to install all O-RAN components (non RT RIC / real RT RIC / ....) available in the link : 


So as a cloud approach :


I created an ubuntu 18.04 VM in Azure Cloud subscription where I deployed a Kubernetes platform as of the link : 


Then, I deployed the SMO part (non RT RIC) according to the process : 


So now, I'm targeting the radio plane deployment, I started with the Near RT RIC as of the process in this link :


But I have several questions :

·  Should I deploy the near RT RIC in the same VM as SMO, or in a different ubuntu 18.04 VM ?

[lji] It is designed to run in a separate K8S cluster.  If you have noticed, the versions of K8S for SMO and for Near RT RIC are different.  SMO needs 1.15 (this is really ONAP requirement) and Near RT RIC needs 1.16.  Also in real deployments you will likely have SMO at a central location while Near RT RIC’s in more edge locations.

·  I don't see any reference to the rest of radio plane components (O-CU / O-CU-CP / O-CU-UP / O-DU / O-RU) as installation packages, would you please share the setup procedure page ? And also I need to know if it's possible to setup all these components in the same ubuntu 18.04 VM ?

[lji] O-CU has only seed source code for Bronze release.  It has no artifacts that are integrated in Bronze end-to-end use cases.  O-DU – Near RT RIC interaction is limited to E2connecion set up.  As things currently stand, you would be able to run O-DU HIGH and Near RT RIC on the same VM, but including SMO (more specifically the ONAP components) in the same VM is difficult due to the difference in K8S version.

Finally, the interfaces : O1, A1, E2 are established by default between components or is there a particular procedure for this ?

[lji] There are setups required for peers finding each other.  Unfortunately this is rather complicated because the ways they are set up are not consistent.  For O1, it is setup by injecting a json config into SDNC runtime; for A1, it is set up in the recipe for the NonRTRIC before NonRTRIC is deployed (or needing redeploy); for E2, it needs to be compiled into the O-DU HIGH runtime.  We have showed some of them in demo videos.  But have not included in instructions yet because we are still in-progress making these steps easier, and trying to automate the setups as much as possible.  So please stay tuned.



Looking forward to hearing from you,


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