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O-RAN SC TOC Committee

Wednesday, 24 April 2019
8:00am to 9:00am
(GMT-04:00) America/New York

Zoom 2 bridge:

fmasood@... 908-901-2157

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Welcome, we want to invite you to the O-RAN Software Community (O-RAN SC) Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) meeting.

This is an open committee so we encourage you to invite others and subscribe to our mail list.


To learn more about O-RAN SC please visit


UTC-time: Wednesday 12:00:00
New York (EDT / UTC-4): Wednesday 08:00:00
Paris (CEST / UTC+2): Wednesday 14:00:00
Beijing (CST / UTC+8): Wednesday 20:00:00
Tokyo (JST / UTC+9): Wednesday 21:00:00


Zoom 2:


Farheen Cefalu AT&T




  1. Call for Scribe (minutes owner) 
  2. Roll Call & Quorum Check 
  3. Review and Agree to Minutes of Previous Meetings
  4. Review of Today's Agenda
  5. Status of Open Action Items (Old Business)
  6. Standing Agenda Items (Brief Status of Ongoing Activities)
    1. Release Manager/Release Planning: Weekly TOC Scheduling
    2. Report out from PTL: Stand-Up & Report Out on Blockers
    3. Test & Integration Planning
    4. Report Out of Sub-Committees
  7. New Agenda Items (New Business): New Items Submitted (+speaker) & Open Call to TOC For Additional Items 
  8. Planning for Next Meeting
  9. Open Discussion
  10. Any Other Business (AOB)
  11. Meeting Summary (resolutions, new action items, etc.)