new repo and deletion requests - RICP (near-RT RIC platform) + RICAPP : ric-plt/resource-status-manager , ric-app/demo, ric-app/reporter, com/asn1, ric-plt/ric-dep, ric-plt/ric-test, ric-app/uemgr, ric-plt/demo1, ric-plt/ue-nib // #RICA, #ricp

Thoralf Czichy


Below a list of changes to repos (new ones, as well as deletions) under the RICP (near-RT RIC Platform) that we would like the TOC to approve. Parts marked with RICP/RICAPP are proposed by Matti and I (PTLs for RICAPP and RICP) and parts marked with RICP only me as PTL.

(WE1) Project RICP
- Summary: Implements the management of Resource Status messages over E2
- Description: The Resource Status Manager is responsible to control the generation of
Resource Status messages sent by the RAN to the RIC by issuing Resource Status Requests.
The RSM provides an API that allows to start and stop the generation of these messages as
well as to issue specific request commands. The RSM provides also default values which are used
whenever a new RAN (eNB) is added to the RIC.
- License: Apache 2
- Initial committers: (all AT&T) Shuky Har-Noy (, Hila Anina (, Yaki Ratz ( )

We (RICP and RICAPP PTL) would like to remove the following repositories:
ric-app/demo (empty)
ric-app/reporter (not maintained anymore for 6 months (and actually confusing community if someone uses this as reference) and e.g. the measurement campaign xApp can replace it)
com/asn1 (an ASN.1 compiler for which we found that it causes to much issues that we had to troubleshoot. We already switched to using com/asn1c (which is derived from )

(WE3) Project RICP
new repo: ric-plt/ric-test
- Summary: RIC platform-specific testing that are not specific to a single RIC component
- Description: This repo includes test cases that span the full RIC platform, i.e., that cannot run against a single RIC component. This may also include
simulators related to the E2 base protocol, or related abstract test xApps (that do not actually implement 3GPP specifications). Note that the test
cases must still be limited to RIC platform only. If you want to write/check test cases that integrate also other O-RAN SC components, check
the it/test repository.
- License: Apache 2
- Initial committers: (first one AT&T, the other two from Nokia): Xuan Tuyen Tran (Harry) ( ), Amit Uttam ( ) and Shashikumar HN ( )

(WE4) Project RICP
new repo: ric-plt/ric-dep
- Summary: Code and configuration files that are needed for deploying a near-RT RIC platform instance
- Description: This includes, for example, helm charts for RIC platform components. In this we can make assumptions about the underlying k8s already existing or
we can also spin up blueprints for such a deployment. Note that this component is intentionally limiting itself to the RIC platform and does
not include other O-RAN SC components. For such you might want to look at the it/dep repo managed by another O-RAN SC project.
- License: Apache 2
- Initial committers: (first one AT&T, the other two from Nokia): Lusheng Ji ( , Prabhu K ( ) Ranjit Angajala ( )

Note that this needed for legal reasons to clearly define the scope of the near-RT RIC project. It is aligned with a "scope" wiki text that we wrote for the same reason.
Also note that we continue with the it/dep repo as a general integration repo where any O-RAN SC components can be integrated together. In scope of their work on
integrating all O-RAN SC components, engineers working on the it/dep repo might re-use some of the functionality that was original committed to ric-plt/ric-dep .

We would like to remove the empty ric-app/uemgr and instead create a new repo under ric-plt/. This is in order to clearly link
the demo xApp to the RIC platform project. At the same time also note that the license of this is changed to a documentation
license. So that its legal scope reflects its actual role in the RIC platform. Naturally there will continue to be actual xApps under the
RICAPP project. Placing it under the RICP project (and not RICAPP) allows Nokia to contribute to it. The name is intentionally kept
generic. As part of this change we also move this page to the RICP project (a reference
in RICA continues to refer to it.
deleted repo: ric-app/uemgr
new repo: ric-plt/demo1
- Summary: A simple demo xApp running on the RIC platform.
- Description: Contains a simple demo xApp running on the RIC platform.
- License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
- Initial committers: (all Nokia) Timo Tietavainen ( ), Jussi Maki Aijala (, Juha Hyttinen ( , Anssi Mannila ( )

(WE6) ) Project RICP
We delete the following repo: ric-plt/ue-nib . The scope of the RIC platform does not include this functionality. If, then
such functionality should be developed outside of the RIC platform, e.g., under the RICAPP project. Some of the earlier functionality (read and write
of the demo data that is actually needed in the "demo1" demo xapp (under documentation license) is moved into the demo1 repo as it is
closely related and does not make too much sense as standalone documentation repo. Note that this implies that the functionality is now under
document license in ric-plt/demo1

Best regards,