#ricp how to handle E2SM which relies on xapp #ricp

Minhac Lee

Hello, I'm Minha Lee.

I am writing to ask you about E2SM which relies on xapp.
I understood that `submgr` and `e2term` should have a routine(including E2SM files) to handle E2SM requested by xapp, is it right?

I tested RIC Platform with hello-world xapp and I got some error like below in submgr.
{"ts":1594796956060,"crit":"ERROR","id":"submgr","mdc":{"time":"2020-07-15T07:09:16"},"msg":"XAPP-SubReq: params(Src=service-ricxapp-hwxapp-rmr.ricxapp:4560 Mtype=12010 SubId=-1 Xid= Meid=meid(RanName=gnb:0712-1366-b5c67788) Paylens=64/64 Paymd5=56ee049a97464806a1349b9751ac9dbe) err(e2err(e2err_RICEventTriggerDefinitionDecodeWMOREFail)
As I thought, using different E2SM seems to be a cause of problem.
submgr decodes `sub_request` using `e2sm-gNB-NRT-v401.asn` but hello-world xapp doesn't use `e2sm-gNB-NRT-v401.asn` when building `sub_request`.

I'd like to know if RIC Platform components should have E2SMs requested by xapp or not
And I wonder what should be changed in RIC Platform when xapp with the new E2SM is added.