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sure, a near-RT RIC can work with an eNB that supports E2AP. Eventually it comes down to what E2SM (E2 service models) the eNB would implement and how

the xApps deployed on the near-RT RIC use these service models either directly or via APIs provided by E2-related intermediary xApps. The service

models specified by O-RAN WG3 also can be applied to eNBs.


On O-RAN-SC side, I understand that E2 node functionality is only implemented in O-DU. I am not sure of the level of E2SMs implemented in DU. As part of

the Cherry release I expect some integration guidelines to come that show how a O-DU’s E2 is integrated with the near-RT RIC. These would then be

applied similarly to a eNB-implementation of E2.




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Hello team,

        May I know if current RIC could work with LTE eNodeb or not?
        If it could work with LTE eNodeb,is there any documents or related instructions?Thanks!

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