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Mahesh Jethanandani

Hi Jinri,

Thanks for kicking off this discussion. I will not be able to attend the TOC meeting tomorrow, and was wondering if can try to reach some consensus on the approach.


On Oct 8, 2021, at 3:25 AM, Jinri Huang <13910490429@...> wrote:

Dear Hank and Stefan,

On the TOC this Wednesday, a question was raised for which we need your professional answer.

Here is the issue.

The SMO project indicated that they need to use two 3GPP YANG models for the closed-loop network slicing automation use case in O-RAN SC for the upcoming E release. And the question is: Can we, and how?

Our discussion on Wednesday came to the initial viewpoint as below.

Case 1: if the "use" of the two 3GPP YANG models is to simply compile them into an "image" which will go out with the E release, then we think this is ok, i.e. we do not have to get the permission from 3GPP since the final output is "image" where there is no trace of the YANG MODEL themselves; 

Case 2: if the "use" of the two 3GPP YANG models is to include them in our "source code" file or documentation with the intact YANG model content (which will go out as part of the E release), then this would fall into the area where SCCL license would cover. However, since today we have not had any SCCL license for 3GPP, thus this means that this kind of "use" is not allowed.

Could you please let us know whether our understanding above is correct or not?

Many thanks in advance.



Mahesh Jethanandani

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